Grace Valley








Grace Valley offers assistance in the following ways to residents who are unable to live alone.  Services and assistance will be in accordance with the level of activity that each individual can provide for themselves.

The services provided are:

  1. 3 healthy meals per day, 7 days a week

  2. Private bedrooms

  3. Private half baths in each room

  4. Cable television hook up

  5. Community telephone

  6. Personal hygiene and bathing assistance with regularly scheduled shower days.

  7. Assistance with daily living activities

  8. Incontinence products

  9. Laundry service

  10. Regularly scheduled activities both on campus as well as field trips


Service Plan

  1. Individualized care plans created by an RN for each resident including medication lists, activity level changes and specific care needs.  Care plans will be reviewed monthly and/or adjusted as needed to meet resident needs

  2. Medication administration, refills ordered and medication monitoring by RN and trained staff members

  3. Monthly weights and vital sign checks

  4. Management of resident petty cash money if they are unable to do so, including a locked space for safe keep of money

Additional services which would be billed separately include:

  1. Transportation to and from doctor appointments

  2. Beauty/Barber Service

Coordinated Care with Home Health and/or hospice services such as:

  1. Physical/Occupational therapy

  2. Skilled nursing

  3. Specialized equipment

  4. Visiting Physicians

  5. Podiatry services