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Welcome to Grace Valley.  We are glad you have visited our website.  We would like to introduce our family to you.

My name is Crystal Dexter.  I am a wife and mother of four children, three boys and one girl.  I am a registered nurse and have worked in hospice care nursing for the last 22 years.  For many years now I have had a dream of opening an assisted living home.  In February of 2013 that dream began to be a reality.

My husband’s name is Dan.  He has been an occupational therapist for 21 years.  He has had home care, acute care and long term rehab care experience. 

Renovation to the building began immediately the day after we signed the sales agreement.  Having formally been a church building, the project was a bit overwhelming, but with the help of my husband Dan and both of our parents, we began demolition.
  Seven months later, what had begun as taped off rooms on a floor, had become a beautiful place we hoped many people would call home.

Grace Valley is named after our daughter Grace.  It seemed very fitting as the care we hope to provide to all of our residents will be filled with just that, grace and a lot of love.

Grace Valley will continue to be a family effort.  My mother is also a nurse and has 17 years of nursing home experience. 
With 60 years of combined experience the care we provide at Grace Valley is exceptional.  We trust that you and your family will truly find that you are valued, cherished and well cared for.  We encourage you to come visit our home and invite you to call it your home as well.

About Grace Valley

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer an atmosphere that encourages and respects the dignity, individuality and creativity of each resident.  We aim to encourage the strengths and gifts that each resident brings to our home, providing an environment where our residents not only have a place to sleep and eat, but have a place where they can live and thrive at the level to which they are capable both on and off campus.  We believe each person, no matter what age, ethnicity or gender has something unique and beautiful to offer this world.  Our goal is to honor, value and foster that beauty in everyone who calls our home their home.