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Grace Valley has been a blessing for our family.  Prior to becoming a resident at Grace, our mother went from independent living to a large assisted living facility.  In both cases, we felt the need to oversee her every move.  When she moved to Grace Valley, a huge weight was lifted from our shoulders.

The facility is warm and inviting as is the staff.  Attention is paid to her personal needs, as well as her social needs.  The crafts, exercise sessions, and just being able to "help" in the kitchen has assured us that her personal needs and interests are being met.

We again sing the praises of Grace Valley and would recommend it to anyone without



The family of Maxine DeForrest

My mother had a nice one bedroom apartment in a much larger Assisted Living facility with a full time nursing staff but she did not get paid attention to like she does at Grace Valley.  A number of medical issues arose that were not taken care of until we noticed and did something about them but they became more serious.   My mother would end up staying in her apartment all day often because no one engaged her.  The owners and staff of Grace Valley are very engaging and the residents tend to follow suit and also engage one another.  The atmosphere could not be better and my family is very pleased we found Crystal and Grace Valley for our mother

Whenever I bring my Mom back to Grace Valley from an outing the staff person that meets her tells her how happy they are to see her and often that they missed her. 


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On November 1st we will celebrate our first anniversary at Grace

Valley. What an honor to be the first family to have a loved one in this


What a difference Crystal, Dan and Marilyn and the wonderful group of people

they have assembled to care for our loved ones have made in all of our lives.

Our Mother had been through 4 dreadful months in a "deluxe Senior Facility",

one week in the hospital, as a result of a fall at that facility and two weeks

in a nursing home. She was frail, afraid, confused and barely communicating

then she arrived at Grace Valley. Within two weeks she was walking around her

"new Home" and sharing her humor with all she came into contact with.  A short

time later, my sister-in-law moved her Mother to Grace Valley as well.  What a

Great Christmas Eve we had at Grace!  Our two mothers,our siblings, children

and grandchildren "took Over" the facility and had a wonderful family


We can't thank Crystal and Dan enough for turning our Mothers final years

into a peaceful journey surrounded by wonderful, understanding caregivers!

When we brought my Grandma to Grace Valley she was not well.  Within two

months she was back to being her smiling and loving self.  

She loves living at Grace Valley, Graceland as she calls it.  Grandma loves

the staff and talks about all the activities that they do with her.


Thank you all for being there to help her as well as the other ladies.  It is

great to know she is getting awesome care.


Cathy Jonker,  Grand daughter of Betty Strong.

I have been a geriatric social worker in the Kalamazoo area since 1979. I would highly recommend Grace Valley for your loved one. The quality of life is enhanced in this family environment, both physical and psychosocial needs are met. The Dexters are faithful people who practice their Christianity by providing a safe and dignified  atmosphere to our beloved seniors.

Thank you Dexter family for being the link to continued independence.

Kay Mero BSW

Grace Valley saved my Grandma. I truly believe those words with all my heart. Crystal came to my Grandma's home, sat down with her, and asked her if she would like to come and live with her at Grace Valley. Crystal and the staff loved my Grandma, and took her in as part of their family. When my Grandmother started living at Grace Valley she was weak, thin, lonely, depressed, and as she would tell us she was ready to go be with the Lord. After only a couple weeks of being in the loving environment at Grace Valley Grandma started to flash that smile that we all missed so much, the one that could light up the whole room. When I would come to visit she couldn't wait to show me her new home, her room, and introduce me to her new friends, she wasn't lonely anymore. She loved the staff and we couldn't be more impressed with the way they took care of Grandma.

While my Grandma was recently hospitalized every person from the staff at Grace Valley came up to see her, as each one of them would come into the room Grandma would just light up, she felt so special.  That is the way the staff always made her feel, and I will never be able to say thank you enough.

Crystal and staff ~ I hope that when you remember her smile that your heart is full of happiness. You made my Grandma find a reason to smile and really live her life again. Thank you for being there for her every second of everyday. You were her friends and family and she truly loved you. Thank you for always making her feel safe and comfortable. Thank you for everything.


Beth Torian

Granddaughter of Betty Strong